Improving Your Personal Effectiveness ~ An Everything DiSC® Workshop

Understanding your personal strengths is the key to increasing your ability to manage your own behavior. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to working with others.  In today’s world of rapid change, successful professionals know they must be able to tap into their own strengths and those of others to ensure their work is efficient and meaningful.   Finally, there is a program that helps you understand you, and which also helps you understand what to do about it!  

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This workshop introduces you to MR BIG, (Managers Resource: Behavioral Interview Grid).  You will learn to use this simple and clever tool to help you choose the best candidate for the job, in an entertaining and easy to digest seminar.

The Grid guides you to customize the right questions for a role, and provides a process to keep your questions current for the ever changing needs of the job.  Even more importantly, The Grid helps you weigh the best responses that will have the highest likelihood of success in your business.  Another key ingredient of The Grid is the ability to ask behavioral questions that uncover two critical interview components: the actual skill the candidate will bring to the role and their personal style they will use to deliver it.  MR BIG does not rely on subjectivity, but gives you a method to objectively quantify the responses you receive.  The result is a higher degree of confidence in your hiring choice. This workshop will make you the MR BIG at the art of interviewing!

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What good fortune are you seeking?  Training is not always the best answer, but when it is, it is the only answer that works.  Let SmallByte Workshops custom tailor a SmallByte Workshop just for you.  We specialize in tying training outcomes to your unique business goals, values and key performance indicators.  Whether you want a brand new approach to your training or a refresh of existing programs, let us partner with you!

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Executive Feedback and Coaching ~ A 360 Approach for Progress

MR BIG  ~  (Your Guide to Better Behavioral Interview Results for Managers)

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One role of effective leaders is to set direction for their organizations. Feedback is the tool that helps set direction for leaders.  Whether customer feedback or organizational feedback, it is this important information that helps shape how the best leaders function. Research has been conducted in recent years that points to a clear set of practices that leaders must have a level of proficiency in to be effective in today’s world and in the future. This workshop provides you a productive way to capture 360 assessments and helps you fine tune your leadership effectiveness.

One of the most important, yet difficult, jobs of any hiring manager is selecting the best candidate for a job. And when the decision is tasked to a team it can become exponentially more difficult.  Each member’s viewpoint and observation can cause the journey to be a marathon.
The Answer?  Bring in MR BIG who can turn your marathon into a sprint!