SmallByte Workshops are by design short and to the point.  Whether as a face-to-face workshop or web delivered program, they are great for just-in-time, just-enough training when you need it.  But while short in duration, "smallbytes" are long on content and impact, offering interactive activities for the adult learner and action plans with relevant techniques that employees apply again and again. 


Our Mission's the hallmark of great training. We help you improve your business results through the performance of your people.  And improving your employees performance is the shortest distance to success. 

Our Expertise

Effective training is not easy. Having someone you trust develop the right skills for your unique needs is essential. With over 20 years in the training industry, we know how to create and deliver training that people will use.

SmallByte Workshops

Our Experience

Our history gives us an advantage over our competition because we have been where you are... in business needing to grow results with our people. We know first hand the challenges to stay competitive. We will partner with you to help you achieve your goals with the best training solutions.                

Our Vision

Our Customized Approach

You've done a great job building your business. Now we will build training to suit your needs, to leverage your success and help you take it to the next level. Our custom approach ties training outcomes with your business goals...always.

Amy Hardin

Our Strength

With over 20 years experience in managing staff and training, Amy Hardin brings real world expertise and practical applications to every SmallByte Workshop.


Training should work. Whether to think in a new way, solve a problem with an innovative approach or build relationships that stand the test of time; training should translate into action. We are passionate about training and will help you be the best you can be at work and in everyday life.